Why Are My Breaks Squeaking?

Why Are My Brakes Squeaking?

Being an automobile owner, we know you can relate to the panic felt whenever you hear any uncommon or weird noises coming from any part of it. Since safety is our number one priority here at Supreme Tires & Auto Services in Miami, we know the importance of safe brakes in an automobile for you and your family.

It is quite common for your brakes to squeak sometimes. The good thing is, that it is quite easy and affordable to fix! If you’ve heard a squeaking sound coming from your brakes, do not panic. Bring your automobile to our auto repair shop to get checked by certified mechanics. We specialize in brake repair and services and provide the best deals to get you back on the road..

Brake sounds are normal. Due to varied driving conditions like driving in dirty or sandy terrains, as well as humidity, some amount of brake noise is expected. If you have a newer car and are hearing a certain high-pitched brake noise, it would normally mean that the semi-metallic brake pads used are stiffer. These pads are known to be much safer and would last longer than asbestos pads. The asbestos pads were replaced by semi-metallic since they had a tendency to to give the workers and brake mechanics lung cancer, so thankfully the auto industry decided to shift to less dangerous substitutes.

But rest assured, you are safe. If you’re not quite sure about the nature of the sound, we’d advise to get it checked immediately for peace of mind you are not in danger.

But what could these noises mean?

It is pretty normal for your brakes to make a grinding noise sometimes during mornings. This will stop once the pad warms up and you begin to drive, drying any residual dewiness that may have collected on them overnight.

Another sound you might hear after a rainy night would be a hissing noise. This generally means that the brake pads are sweeping a thin film of rust from the iron discs. No need to worry though, it’s perfectly normal. The extra weight that comes along with the latest semi-metallic or ceramic equipment tends to create more friction. Hence, the brakes make those hissing or grinding noises as you slow down. A tiny price to pay for improved performance!

Now that you know about the non-threatening noises, there is one noise that you do need to pay attention to right away!

If you’ve ever observed your brake pads, you will find that there is a small bit of spring steel that scrapes on the disc pad, as it reaches its deteriorative end. This indicates that it is now time for you to change your brake pads and replace them with newer, thicker ones. Make sure you change the pads before the resistant material wears off completely and you try to slow down on the metal supporting plates. The sound you will hear then will be more like a metal sheet rip, rather than a single, high-pitched note.

Stop the squeaking today with Supreme Tires & Auto Service to keep you and your family on the road safely! Make an appointment at SupremeTires.com, give us a call at (305) 694-2630 or drive right in and we would be happy to help you out!

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