When Is It Time For An Oil Change?

When Is It Time For An Oil Change?

Every automobile owner has asked themselves this question time and time again. And no one could answer it better than our team of certified professionals here at Supreme Tires & Auto Services.

There are four factors that determine how often you need to routinely get your oil changed:

  1. Stop & go traffic

  2. Freeway driving

  3. Prolonged idling or acceleration

  4. Average trip duration

Should you take the advice of the quick oil-change establishments who suggest an oil change every 3,000 miles or 3 months? Should you actually take the time to read your car’s driving manual?

Fresh, clean oil optimizes your automobile’s performance by lubricating auto parts as well as keeping the engine healthy. It is common with time for the fluid to break down, making it harder for the engine to perform.

Here are a few signs which could help indicate it’s time for an oil-change.

1. Dirty, Black Oil

If the once amber-colored, clean oil has turned into an inky, dirty black substance, it is time for you to change your vehicle’s oil. The oil acquires this color after being in contact with all the dirty particles it collects from the engine.

Again, depending on driving conditions, there’s no specific time the color would start to turn, so we advise checking the condition of oil regularly, at least once a month. You can check by removing the dipstick from your engine, wiping it off and putting it back in again. Remove it once again. If you can see the stick through the oil, then the fluid is fine, but if the fluid has turned dark and thick, you need to book an appointment for an oil change right away!

2. Abnormally Loud Engine Noise

If the oil in your engine is clean, it creates an ultra-thin barrier between the engine parts that prevents metal-on-metal contact, keeping your engine smooth & quiet while operating. But if the engine is making abnormally loud noises, it means that the fluid has started to break down and isn’t lubricating the parts as well as it was. Ignoring these sounds could lead to louder rumbling, knocking or even roaring sounds, which mean nothing but trouble for your engine.

3. The Smell of Oil

This is one of the biggest warning signs and indicates that you need to get your oil changed at once. A stronger odor could indicate that your vehicle is overheating and oil is burning into the exhaust area. An overheating engine can cause serious damage to your car and even ignite a fire, so once you smell oil inside your car, schedule an oil change right away.

4. The Oil Change/Check Engine Light

If the oil change light or check engine light on your vehicle’s dashboard lights up, it means that there’s a deficiency of oil in the system or that your vehicles is in high risk of engine damage due to the lack of fluid or other reasons.

5. Smoke Coming from the Exhaust

If you notice smoke emitting from the tailpipe of your vehicle, check the oil, because this indicates an oil leak or faulty parts in your engine.

While these recommendations are good guidelines, it’s best to contact the certified professional mechanics at Supreme Tires & Auto Service to keep you and your family on the road safely! Make an appointment at SupremeTires.com, give us a call at (305) 694-2630 or drive right in and we would be happy to help you out!


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