Peace of Mind - 5 Reasons With Certified Mechanics?

Peace of Mind - 5 Reasons With Certified Mechanics?

For most car owners, their vehicle is their baby. They’ll talk to it regularly, wash it every day, get it serviced often and take better care of it than their children! Under no circumstance will they allow their precious vehicle to be inspected by an uncertified mechanic.

Purchasing a car is a big decision. And when your car needs any kinds of repair, you must make sure that the mechanic you trust knows what he is doing and also has proper training to deal with any and all unexpected problems.

You should always look for a certified mechanic; one who has the education and practical experience. Your vehicle and your pocket are better off with someone experienced in the short and long run.

Let’s explore 5 reasons you should always work with certified mechanics:

  1. Compulsory Licensing

Except for a few states like Texas, auto mechanics in almost every state are required to carry not one, but multiple licenses in order to operate on vehicles. They’ll need a professional license from a trade school or a polytechnic university which includes learning in classrooms as well as several hours spent under a hood before becoming certified. You should be wary of any mechanic who claims they don’t need a certificate for their work.


  1. Bad Repair Risks

Getting your vehicle repaired in someone’s garage may cost half the price of what a car mechanic shop quoted to you, there’s a very high chance you’re dealing with an uncertified mechanic. Even if you’re only getting some minor service done, chances are that any work you’ve gotten done from an uncertified mechanic could void the warranty on your parts or in some cases, warranty on your vehicle.


  1. Untraceable Damage

If an uncertified mechanic has caused any major damage to your engine, there is a high chance your car provider may refuse to cover your vehicle under warranty. You will need to go through a time-consuming and expensive court proceeding to then be able to have the warranty reinstated.


  1. Safety Issues

With uncertified mechanics, there is also a high risk of poor workmanship. Improper training may lead your mechanic to cut corners, which puts your vehicle, you and your family at risk on the road. Imagine if the mechanic forgets something simple like tightening a tire bolt properly or missing out on an important warning sign. This could easily lead to some serious injuries and car problems.


  1. Proper Maintenance

Only a properly certified mechanic would be able to guide you best on how to get as much life out of your vehicle as possible.We have better experience in finding out the best possible solutions for any kind of problems your car might be facing. Certified mechanics are trained to do it all!

At Supreme Tires & Auto Service, our team of certified mechanics is driven by passion for cars. Make an appointment at, give us a call at (305) 694-2630 or drive right in and we would be happy to help you out. Keep your family o the road safely!


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