Move Over! 8 Tips On Getting More Horsepower For Your Car!

Move Over! 8 Tips On Getting More Horsepower For Your Car!

You hear the word horsepower whenever someone talks to you about a car’s engine, and although most people may not know what it exactly means, everyone seems to want more and more of it!

Horsepower is a unit of power measurement which defines the rate at which work is being done. Simply put, it is the power needed to move a certain amount of weight in a certain amount of time.

Now that you have a basic idea of what it is, let’s give you a basic understanding of how a car’s engine works. Think of the engine as a giant air pump with a chain of intentional combustions that forces out as much air as possible in and out of the engine. Thus, to increase the horsepower, you need to find a way for a greater volume of air to move in and out of your engine.    

Here is how we increase horsepower on your ca:

  1. Install a High-Performance Cold Air Intake

Colder air means denser air, which in turn means more air per volume. Denser air provides more air molecules to mix with the fuel to burn and in turn, creating power. Cleaner, better, deeper breathing power for your car means increased horsepower for you!

Installing a Cold Air Intake will draw air from a ‘colder’ area outside the vehicle and increase the surface area for air molecules.

  1. Install a High-Flow Air Filter and Intake

Swap out your regular air filter for a high-performance one, allowing your engine to breathe better and give small doses of additional power. Not every state allows these kinds of filters, so check before you go all out!

  1. Install a High-Performance Exhaust

A free-flowing exhaust with a bigger diameter piping will permit your car to release exhaust much quicker.

  1. Install a Supercharger

Installing a supercharger requires support from your engine. Unlike how the cold air intake aids your car by pushing in denser gas, installing a supercharger will force induction systems to compress the air flowing it, offering an over 50% increase in horsepower!

  1. Install Upgraded Wheels

Installing high performance wheels and tires will appropriately distribute the car’s weight, helping your car perform better and faster.

  1. Reprogram Your Car

These devices are used to reprogram your car’s software which allows it to get more horsepower, better gas mileage and torque. Your engine should gain some incredible speed, depending on its original configuration.

  1. Make Sure Your Filters Are Clean

Keeping your air and fuel filters clean ensures that your car is able to breathe, allowing it to reach its maximum potential.

  1. Tune Your Car Regularly 

Your engine is not performing if the spark plugs aren’t sparking. Maintain your car’s performance by keeping your spark plugs healthy or by upgrading them to greater quality ones.

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