Move Over! 8 Tips On Getting More Horsepower For Your Car!

Move Over! 8 Tips On Getting More Horsepower For Your Car! You hear the word horsepower whenever someone talks to you about a car’s engine, and although most people may not know what it exactly means, everyone seems to want more and more of it! Horsepower is a unit of power measurement which defines the rate at which work is being done. Simply put, it is the power needed to move a certain amount of weight in a certain amount of time. Now that you have a basic idea of what it is, let’s give you a basic understanding of how a car’s engine works. Think of the engine as a giant air pump with a chain of intentional combustions that forces out as much air as possible in and out of the engine. Thus, to increase the horsepower, you need to find a way for a greater volume of air to move in and out of your engine.     Here is how we increase horsepower on your ca: Install a High-Performance Cold Air Intake Colder air means denser air, which in turn means m ... read more

Peace of Mind - 5 Reasons With Certified Mechanics?

Peace of Mind - 5 Reasons With Certified Mechanics? For most car owners, their vehicle is their baby. They’ll talk to it regularly, wash it every day, get it serviced often and take better care of it than their children! Under no circumstance will they allow their precious vehicle to be inspected by an uncertified mechanic. Purchasing a car is a big decision. And when your car needs any kinds of repair, you must make sure that the mechanic you trust knows what he is doing and also has proper training to deal with any and all unexpected problems. You should always look for a certified mechanic; one who has the education and practical experience. Your vehicle and your pocket are better off with someone experienced in the short and long run. Let’s explore 5 reasons you should always work with certified mechanics: Compulsory Licensing Except for a few states like Texas, auto mechanics in almost every state are required to carry not one, but multiple licenses in order to o ... read more

When Is It Time For An Oil Change?

When Is It Time For An Oil Change? Every automobile owner has asked themselves this question time and time again. And no one could answer it better than our team of certified professionals here at Supreme Tires & Auto Services. There are four factors that determine how often you need to routinely get your oil changed: Stop & go traffic Freeway driving Prolonged idling or acceleration Average trip duration Should you take the advice of the quick oil-change establishments who suggest an oil change every 3,000 miles or 3 months? Should you actually take the time to read your car’s driving manual? Fresh, clean oil optimizes your automobile’s performance by lubricating auto parts as well as keeping the engine healthy. It is common with time for the fluid to break down, making it harder for the engine to perform. Here are a few signs which could help indicate it’s time for an oil-change. 1. Dirty, Black Oil If the once amber-colored, clean oil has turned ... read more

Why Are My Breaks Squeaking?

Why Are My Brakes Squeaking? Being an automobile owner, we know you can relate to the panic felt whenever you hear any uncommon or weird noises coming from any part of it. Since safety is our number one priority here at Supreme Tires & Auto Services in Miami, we know the importance of safe brakes in an automobile for you and your family. It is quite common for your brakes to squeak sometimes. The good thing is, that it is quite easy and affordable to fix! If you’ve heard a squeaking sound coming from your brakes, do not panic. Bring your automobile to our auto repair shop to get checked by certified mechanics. We specialize in brake repair and services and provide the best deals to get you back on the road.. Brake sounds are normal. Due to varied driving conditions like driving in dirty or sandy terrains, as well as humidity, some amount of brake noise is expected. If you have a newer car and are hearing a certain high-pitched brake noise, it would normally mean that the ... read more

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